Verold – Web-based tool for creating 3D, interactive simulations


Interactive 3D for Everyone

Verold Studio is a powerful online visual editor that lets you turn 3D content into interactive presentations on the web.

  1. Upload a model: Verold supports 3D content in all major transfer formats and provides plugins for many 3D creation packages.
  2. Setup materials, environment, and lighting: Setup lighting and environments. Tweak materials using our material system with physically based rendering.
  3. Add animation and interactivity: Bring your scene to life with cinematics, annotations and more using Verold’s component entity model and built-in components.
  4. Share!Share anywhere on the web using our embeddable player just like a Youtube video.

Create interactive 3D presentations that showcase your product, your artwork, or your brand. Embed the presentation anywhere on the web and view on any device.

Verold Studio Features

  • Verold Studio gives you an easy to use visual editor to create 3D projects that you can view and share across mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Publish Projects InstantlyYour project is continuously saved to the cloud, so you can instantly publish your project to the web. No more waiting weeks for app store approvals.
  • Free Project Hosting: Whether you’re on a Personal, Pro or Business account, they’ll host your projects and all your assets for free.
  • Embed and Share Easily: Post our responsive 3D player on your website, blog and share on social media. It’s just like embedding a YouTube video.

Turn any 3D file into an interactive presentation

Import 3D models and animations into Verold Studio or upload directly using their publisher plugins for Blender, 3ds Max, ZBrush, or Revit.

  • Multiple Models Per Scene: Verold supports FBX, OBJ, Collada, PLY, STL files.
  • Animation for 3D Models: Bring your models to life by importing your animations.
  • Audio and Video Assets: Easily integrate audio and video files into your projects.
  • Compatible Files Across Browsers: We convert your assets to make sure they work in all browsers.

Customize materials, environment and lighting

Right out of the box, Verold Studio makes it easy to customize your scene, while giving you the tools to customize further to get the look you want.

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