– Turn your start page into a personal dashboard


What is offers a web-based personal start page with an integrated bookmarks manager, support for news feeds and a library with thousands of widgets that help you connect to popular services and custom data sources.

  • A free start portal for your school or class
  • Organize websites, videos, pictures, RSS feeds, notes, to-do’s and course materials in one place.
  • Stored in the cloud. Access your page anywhere.
  • Share with teachers, parents, students or the entire web.

Why Teacher love

  • Organize all your online educational resources in one place.
  • Create pages about specific subjects, courses and classes.
  • Encourage online collaboration between your students.
  • Discover new resources and materials shared by other teachers.

Student love

  • Use as your Personal Learning Environment.
  • One place for your course materials, your social media and your personal favorites.
  • Discover new online resources shared by other students and your teachers.
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