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BiblioNasium – As a result of direct input from a stellar group of educators, librarians and classroom teachers, the site has now grown tremendously since its original conception. Part kids social network, part parent’s guide, part educator’s tool, BiblioNasium blends technology with personal connection to create a supportive, engaging space for reading success.

They use the metaphor of a gymnasium because they believe in and foster through our website, the importance of Discipline, Practice, Goal Setting, and Rewards in achieving success.

Experts agree that community and consistency can be powerful in helping children become better, more passionate readers. Their mission is to instill good reading habits at a young age; to promote reading as a social activity, and to connect kids, parents and teachers to create a virtual “reading village.” They invite you to explore the site. And hope you’ll join them in a great book.

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Check out our site.

Explore this virtual community for ages K-8.

See how our feature-rich site addresses the needs of this age group and supports independent reading


Raise your kid’s reading bar!

Find books appropriate for your child’s interests and ability.

Check class assignments and see your child’s reading list, at any time!

Their reading network is safe and secure. Your child’s privacy is our top priority


This social network is 100% kid-tested & kid-approved.

Read, Log, Win! A new winner each week.

Connect with friends & see which books are popular.

Recommend your favorites to everyone.

Build your own virtual bookshelf.


Meet your digital students on their turf.

Inspire book discovery and book talk.

Students easily share book reviews and recommendations.

Effortlessly manage & monitor reading lists and reading challenges.

It’s no muss no fuss when your students’ reading logs go digital.

Books to discover & share

Check out our current top picks or search over 1.4 million books for a favorite

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