Biteslide – The engaging presentation tool for school


Teachers and students use Biteslide to research, create, and present school projects. They create slidebooks – an innovative blend of images, video, and text. The easiest way to get the idea is to try the demo.
They have designed Biteslide especially for teachers, students, and the teaching environment. Biteslide works really well with younger students (because it’s so easy to use), but they’ve got students of all ages using Biteslide. Biteslide is versatile and works well across the curriculum. Biteslide has powerful yet easy-to-use tools to research, create, and present school projects. They strive for simple, elegant design in everything they do.
There’s heaps of reasons to use Biteslide in your classroom, here’s the top three:

  •  Increase student engagement – as you know, engaged students learn better.
  • Improve student outcomes and develop 21st century skills.
  • Save time with seriously easyo to use teacher tools.

Biteslide is safe and secure for your students
They understand that the safety and security of your students is paramount. Everything you and your students create is kept in what is known as a ‘walled garden’. Only students and teachers that you authorise are able to access the walled garden, and content can only be published to the web with your explicit authorisation.

Nothing to install, you’ll be up and running in minutes
You’ll be able to set up everything – it’s that easy. To use Biteslide all you need is a modern web browser with Adobe Flash Player version 10 or greater installed (most computers will have this, although iPad’s don’t). A recent model computer with a good internet connection will give you the best experience.

Engage your students
When students are fully engaged, they learn better. 87% of teachers we surveyed said that Biteslide has increased student engagement in their classrooms.

Develop 21st century skills
21st century skills are increasingly important. Blend digital projects into your classroom to develop student creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.

Research, create, and present
Using different tools in your school projects can be confusing for students and difficult to manage. Biteslide makes it a breeze to run your projects from start to finish.

It’s easy to use
Digital tools can often be complex – Biteslide is incredibly easy to use. You can focus on the teaching and your students on the learning.

Flexible school projects
You know the best way to run your school projects. Biteslide gives you the freedom and flexibility to run the projects you want, the way you want them.

Safe and secure
Student safety and security is paramount. Biteslide is a ‘walled garden’ for your students. You are always in total control and can be confident of your students’ safety.

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