eduBuncee – Multi-media presentation tool suitable for all ages



eduBuncee is your creation and presentation tool, simplified. It’s a fun and easy to use web-based tool that’s been helping students & educators across the world create and learn – both within and outside of the classroom.

Buncee enables you to easily bring together all kinds of content (buncee artwork, photos, videos, drawings, audio, and links) onto one digital canvas, making a cloud-based, shareable creation.

Student’s can use buncee to turn their experiences and lessons into multimedia digital stories, travel scrapbooks, research projects, and more.

Meanwhile, teachers can create interactive lessons and multimedia presentations, flip their classrooms, and send home beautiful newsletters and invitations to parents and the local community.

Teachers can manage their students’ work through a private virtual classroom where they can add students, review and grade their buncee submissions, and see the buncee assignments they have sent out to the class.

  • Just drag and drop pictures, PDF, aminationAdd all kinds of media to your digital canvas to create content that can be shared anywhere.
  • Engage Your Students: Design interactive lessons, flip your class,and easily manage students and assignmentswith the classroom organizer tool.
  • Easy, peezy, lemon squeezy: From teachers to students and students to teachers,buncee’s easy-to-use canvasis great for all grade levels.
  • Create and share from anywhere: iOS apps and a cloud-based website make creating from anywhere a breeze. Download interactive PDFs, print at Walgreens, or scan a QR code of your creation to bring your buncee offline.
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