Top Hat – Classroom response system for students


Top Hat – Classroom response system for students to use any mobile device for realtime assessment

Top Hat is a comprehensive teaching platform that helps professors like you easily create an interactive lecture experience.

Create an exciting one-to-one interaction in a lecture hall of many.
Connect with your students by creating your vision of the ultimate lecture experience with interactive slides, questions, customized content, videos, discussions, and polls.

Six Question Types
Top Hat offers six types of questions including multiple choice, rank answer, click on target, word cloud and more. Ask your questions in class and get instant feedback or assign them later for homework.

Top Hat’s Content Concierge Transfer Service
Top Hat will automatically transfer over all of your existing content into our platform. Plus as a Top Hat customer you’ll get access to our instructional design program, an in-house customer support team, and a dedicated account manager.

Automated Grading (finally!).
Everything you create in the platform can be automatically graded based on participation, performance, or both. Grades are tracked by student and can easily be exported into an excel file, and uploaded into your LMS.

No Hardware Needed.
Never make your students buy clickers again. Top Hat’s classroom response system is a web based app that uses computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. If an Internet connection is an issue, we also have an offline version to keep your classroom connected.

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