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Welcome to Write the World! They offer a range of tools and resources to help you create a vibrant writing community within your classroom. As educators theirselves, they understand the exciting (and challenging) task of engaging young people in the writing process. They also understand how little time teachers have when it comes to finding fresh material, developing resources, and implementing creative writing into an already packed curriculum. We’re here to help.

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They realize that young writers write best when they’re connected with a community and feel supported by a smaller, familiar group. At Write the World you can give your students both. An ideal platform for blended learning or a flipped-classroom, Write the World can be integrated into your classroom in many ways:


Use the Write the World platform to create a private writing group for your class, school, district, or community. By limiting membership and tailoring curriculum, a private group allows you to connect personally with students as you mentor them through the writing process. As the Group Manager, you can create prompts, rubrics, and resources for all types of writing and subject areas. In addition, you can design assignments and assessments, facilitate peer review, and access your students’ work through individual portfolios.


Connect your classroom to a global community of young writers. With members representing over 80 countries, Write the World offers your students the excitement and vibrancy of writing for a “real” audience, beyond the walls of a classroom. As Write the World members, your students can enter monthly competitions, exchange peer reviews with writers from all around the world, and respond to our weekly prompts. Access our suite of resources, and utilize the platform’s publishing and portfolio tools—all while incorporating prompts, competitions, and peer review into your curriculum.

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