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PicLits.com is an educational e-learning web site that uses words and photographs to inspire users to write, express themselves, and share their work with others. The site provides a forum for creative writing, social interaction, and is an engaging teaching tool for all levels. It is FREE, fun, safe, sticky, proprietary, interactive, global…online edutainment for all.Edutainment is the act of learning through a medium that both educates and entertains. In this definition, learning is the key.

They are a small team of educators who are passionate about making teachers’ lives easier while providing tools to help them do their jobs better. They believe that literacy begins with writing and reading and applies to people of all ages across the world. At PicLits.com,their envision a world of opportunity that is enhanced and obtainable via basic literacy skills. They are focused on WRITING, “writing to read” as we say, via the use of photography and words to stimulate learning. Without developing these basic literacy skills, the likelihood of overcoming life’s obstacles is diminished. They are an interactive “edutainment” site that engages users of all ages to help make writing and reading readily attainable skills. They are involved, engaged, and always accessible.

From The Learning Lab in Boise, Idaho…
* Every person should have the opportunity to learn to read and write, because every person matters.
* Literacy empowers people—to believe in themselves, become involved in their children’s schools, become more productive employees and be engaged in our whole community.
* Literacy strengthens resolve and resilience, so people can see brighter futures even in hard times or when living in poverty. Bottom line: Literacy creates opportunities.
* Every child deserves to be ready to succeed in school and the best predictor of that potential is one’s ability to read and write.
* 43% of people with the lowest literacy skills live in poverty.

A “PicLit” is a combination of words placed on an image to capture the essence, story, and meaning of the picture. It can be a caption, a sentence, a story, a paragraph, a poem, a rap, a quotation, lyrics from a song, and more. You can create a PicLit using Drag-n-Drop keywords or Freestyle.It’s pretty simple. There are two easy ways to create a PicLit. Choose one and start writing!
1. DRAG-N-DROP: Drag words from the provided list and drop them anywhere you’d like onto the image you have chosen. After you drop a word, you can choose to capitalize it or use a different form of it by clicking on the small arrow that appears.
2. FREESTYLE: Type in your own words manually below the image and they will appear on top of the photo. Make sure not to type too many words on one line or they will get cut off. You can play with the space bar to manipulate the placement of the text on the image. If you get stuck, there is a list of keywords there to help.

PicLits safe for kids to use. The site is safe and secure and proprietary. The images have all been chosen by their photo editor to be appropriate for all ages and demographics. They do not share their users’ email addresses with third parties.


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