Hott Notes – A simple, easy-to-use sticky notes software for Windows


Hott Notes – A simple, easy-to-use sticky notes software for Windows

Using the Hott Notes sticky notes program for desktop, it doesn’t take more than just a few clicks to get your ideas and priorities out onto the screen and in your face. Start using sticky notes now and you’ll wonder how your life functioned without them.

Upon downloading hott notes, you’ll be quick to see how straightforward and simple it is to use the program. Hott Notes has a lot of configuration and customization options.

They’re really easy to use and very efficient. After creating a note (which can be achieved by double clicking the tray icon), that task is also automatically added to your notebook. Your notebook is just a summary of tasks that you’ve completed or need to complete. Using this tool could really help for those of you with bad memories

Place notes on your desktop, reminding you of important events everytime you use the computer.
Create checklists to keep track of what you’ve done and what you have left to do.
Draw crazy pictures to decorate your desktop, or use your Tablet PC to write notes with a stylus. Scribble notes can be any size and stretched to your liking.
hott notes have a simple, yet pleasant interface. Choose any color, font, or translucency level for your notes. Also, create and use themes.
Editing notes is easy and non-obstructive. Just double-click the note body, edit it, and hit “Done” when you’re finished.
Managing a large number of notes is easy. A Note Manager allows you view your desktop, wastebasket, and archived notes and perform batch operations on them.
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