SymbalooEDU – Manage all your resources in the cloud


SymbalooEDU is the visual resource management tool that helps educators and students organize and share the best of the web. Users save their resources in the cloud and access them from anywhere with any device. But it doesn’t stop there! With features like embedded content, group tiles and sequenced tiles, educators around the world are creating lesson plans, research assignments and personalize learning in many different ways. SymbalooEDU is used in schools to support:

1:1 Classroom

Blended Learning

Flipped Classroom


Create. Share. Discover.

Now Symbaloo has over 8 million users worldwide and offers extensive support in 5 different languages. Team Symbaloo is currently operating from two offices, one in the Netherlands and one in the USA.  The development focus is on making personalized teaching & learning easy to implement, understand and share. The latest feature – sequenced tiles – is a big step into that direction, transforming Symbaloo into a content integration platform. 

Organize & Share

Manage your favorite bookmarks and web resources, then share them with your colleagues or students!

Personal Learning Environment

Customize SymbalooEDU to create a personal learning environment that fits perfectly with your teaching style.

Lesson Plans & More

A multitude of easy-to-use features makes it easy to create tailored lesson plans for your classroom.

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