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StatSilk develops software (desktop, web-based and mobile apps) for creating user-friendly interactive maps and visualizations using your own data and meta data. Its first product, StatPlanet, won the World Bank’s Apps for Development Competition. It automatically visualizes the entire World Bank public database of over 8000 indicators – and helped to “bring World Bank education data into the modern age”. This kick-started the development of a range of visualization products catering to different needs.

StatPlanet automatically transforms spatial data into interactive graphs and maps. You can zoom into map areas, explore different data sets, and visualize trends through both maps and graphs at the same time.

StatTrends automatically transforms any kind of data into interactive graphs. As with StatPlanet, it supports various graph types such as bar charts, time series and scatter plots.

Both products can be used to visualize your database in as little as a few minutes using the Excel-based Data Editor. Users can switch from one visualization to another, or from one data set to another, with the click of button – with many customization options along the way.

Their products can be published online, used offline, and customized on request for mobile devices.

Features for users

  • Choose your visualization
  • Select map areas or regions
  • Animate changes over time
  • Zoom into map regions
  • Hide or reveal details
  • Customize
  • Export

Features for developers

  • Automatically import data
  • Insert or design your own maps
  • Create different map types
  • Customize the appearance
  • Customize the experience
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