ClassWallet – Easier for teachers to manage money for the classroom


ClassWallet is a virtual e-wallets platform and an e-commerce marketplace that enables teachers to receive and spend funds in one place, online. ClassWallet (developed by Kleo) was started by Jamie Rosenberg, founder of Adopt-A-Classroom, with the goal to empower teachers to bring more resources into their classrooms without having to pay for them out of their own pocket.

After creating, Jamie Rosenberg discovered a unique insight – getting funding to teachers and schools, and tracking it is much harder than it should be. Teachers don’t have the time to manage cash, checks, receipts and forms. School district and school administrators, education foundations, and PTAs spend a ridiculous amount of time reconciling paperwork and receipts even for the smallest of transactions, and stress about the audit each year.

The understanding and obsession with solving this problem is what makes us tick. They know that if they can simplify the incredibly frustrating process of solving for classroom needs, students will be smarter, and administrators and teachers will all be happier.


Disburse funds with the click of the mouse.


Easily collect funds online-no more cash and checks


No need for receipts & forms


Accurate accounting of every dollar spent

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