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What is ChartsBin?
ChartsBin is a web-based data visualization tool that will allow everyone to quickly and easily create rich interactive visualizations with their own data. You can then share your interactive visualizations with others by embedding them in websites, blogs or sharing via Facebook or Twitter. They’re focused on building the most exciting and engaging destination for statisticians, and computer scientists in the world.

Who is ChartsBin for?
This site would find love among those who like stats and graphs; for anyone who wishes to see the boring research data in a refreshing way.

With, you can

  • create interactive maps online instantly! No installation required. No coding needed.
  • embed the map in your own website or blog easily (simply copy & paste HTML code, no FTP)
  • export the map as an image.
  • create choropleth and proportional symbol map.
  • create map: displaying an image inside a tooltip.
  • create map: displaying chart inside a tooltip.
  • specify different zoom levels and position.
  • support for: professional colors from
  • support for: most major map projections (Bonne, Cylindrical Equal Area, Gall-Peters, Mercator, Miller Cylindrical, Mollweide, Robinson, Sinusoidal, Van der Grinten (I), Wagner VII, Winkel Tripel, Albers Equal Area, Azimuthal Equidistant).
  • works in iPad, iPhone and other mobile device (coming soon).
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