Branching Minds – Help your struggling learners succeed.


Branching Minds – A web application that combines learning science + technology to streamline, focus, and personalize intervention.

Helps Teachers
Save time finding targeted, evidence-based learning supports and interventions to differentiate learning and create more time for classroom instruction.

Helps Parents
Support their struggling students and get them back on track through a personalized learning platform which uses the latest advances in educational research and the learning sciences.

Helps Administrators
Streamline RTI and MTSS and reduce referrals of students misidentified for special education, while maximizing resources for a more accurate and acutely identified special education population.

Quick and Collaborative Student Insight Survey
Focus on the data points scientifically predictive of success in areas of math, literacy, and behavior. Collaborate with teachers, interventionists, and administrators to share and document observations and experiences with struggling students.

Learn about WHY students struggle in academic and behavior areas
Understand the academic, cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral skills that impact student learning and how to prioritize responses to target interventions.

Find the best evidence-based interventions for each specific learning need
Match students’ learning challenges to targeted, research-based learning supports and interventions. Customize available interventions for your school or district and help teachers find the best strategies, apps, games, tools, activities and programs for their students.

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