Zaption – free interactive video tools to engage learner


Zaption, a San Francisco based tech startup, is revolutionizing online video for education. Teachers, trainers, and content publishers use Zaption’s intuitive web app to quickly add images, text, quizzes, and discussions to existing videos from YouTube, Vimeo and private video libraries. The result is an interactive video lesson that transforms video from a “lean back” experience to an engaging “lean forward” activity. With Zaption’s analytics, instructors get immediate feedback on how students interact with the content and understand key concepts. Zaption has received seed funding from Dr. Michael J. Burry of Scion Capital and the NewSchools Venture Fund.

Zaption provides free interactive video tools to engage learners. Their video platform is perfect for blended and flipped K-12 classrooms, higher ed & training. In just a few minutes, add images, text and questions to any online video and instantly share it with thousands of learners… at a fraction of the cost of other eLearning tools.

Zaption’s award-winning video analytics provide trainers, mentors, and managers with detailed data on individual responses and group engagement. This holds viewers accountable and measures their understanding of key concepts.

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