Composica – a collaborative authoring platform.


Composica is more than an authoring tool. It’s a collaborative authoring platform.

Creative freedom
Authoring freedom is our number one goal. Forget about limited, form-based authoring tools or bulky, rigid course templates, players, and wrappers. Composica puts you in full control of your course’s design and behavior. Any object can be styled, modified, and positioned to your heart’s content.

Go above and beyond the standard question-types and interactions. Single Choice, Multiple Choice, and Fill-in the Blank questions are only the beginning. Fully customizable Sort, Matching, Drag-and-Drop, and Hot Spots questions are readily available in Composica, and there’s much more.

Real feedback
Correct, incorrect, and per-answer feedbacks are nice, but they’re barely scratching the surface. Respond precisely to what learners are doing. Whether it’s a complex multiple choice condition, or a specific sort item order. Animated corrections are available for all question-types.

Embed blogs – open, moderated, or view-only – right within course content with or without external URL access. Allow learners to comment on any piece of course content right within the course, and share their own tips and knowledge with everyone else. Add rating objects, RSS feeds, and mashups with other services.

Whether you call them quizzes, assessments, or tests, Composica does them bigger and better. Divide questions into sections or categories, and control their weight, question pool setting, randomization, and much more. Unparalleled, customizable feedback options are available upon test completion.

Author courses in any language. Composica never limits you to a set of predefined languages. Easily export course text to translate it to multiple languages using the XLIFF standard. When ready, publish directly to any available translation. Our right-to-left support is extensive and applies not only to text, but to entire course layouts.

Import existing PowerPoint presentations, or even individual slides, into your courses. Imported content becomes fully editable in Composica, not just a static image. Comments and notes from PowerPoint can be converted to Composica tasks.

Motivate learners by making quizzes fun and attractive – present them as highly customizable games. Games can include any question-type and vary in degrees of playability and win/lose conditions.

Open navigation
Whether it’s a page-turner, free navigation, or a complex branching course, Composica can do it all. In Composica you control the flow of navigation and the ways learners can progress through the course. Customizable menus, trees, progress bars, breadcrumbs, and many other objects are at your disposal.

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