11 Brain-Teasing Riddles With an Obvious Answer

Can you remember cracking your brain with kids’ riddles in your youth? We’d like to warn you that they are actually not that simple — you can easily get stuck when trying to solve each of them even if you’re all grown up. Bright Side wishes you good luck. However, we are sure that your kids will be able to solve these riddles faster than you! Don’t miss our funny bonus at the end of the video! TIMESTAMPS: #1 0:28
#2 1:16
#3 2:18
#4 3:33
#5 5:35
#6 6:40
#7 7:39
#8 8:06
#9 8:38
#10 9:19
#11 10:09
Bonus 10:45 #riddlesforkids #riddles #puzzles Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/ SUMMARY:
– #1. What was the final score of the match?
– #2. Find 7 things in the picture where the painter made a mistake.
– #3. In which direction does the river flow? Do vessels sail on it? How long will the sunflower be growing? How soon will the clothes dry? Which city is the helicopter flying to?
– #4. Is there much time left before the new moon? How soon is the night coming? What season is depicted in the picture? In which direction does the river flow? At what speed is the train moving? Will it take much time for the car to move along the railway? What should the driver of the car be prepared for right now? Is the wind blowing?
– #5. 2 friends, James and Tom, met each other near the house where they both have recently bought flats. James lives on the first floor of the house depicted in the picture (assuming there is a ground floor as well); the room of his friend is located 2 times higher from the ground level. Which floor does Tom live on?
– #6. The picture depicts a forest of a middle climate zone at the end of March. What was the artist’s mistake?
– #7. Which numbers are missing?
– #8. What number should be there instead of the question mark?
– #9. You are the owner of 2 shoe factories and there is an issue you are facing: your employees steal ready-made shoes in big amounts. You need to think up a method of how to stop them from stealing without having extra expenses.
– #10. Find the extra snowman.
– #11. Add one line in order to make the equation correct.
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